CubCon Code of Conduct

CubCon is here to welcome newbies to Hacker Summer Camp. We recognize that the security field can feel like an exclusive club where only professional bug hunters are welcome.This isn't true, of course, but that's how we felt when we first joined, and it's why we decided to form CubCon! DEFCON is meant to be a fun celebration of culture and technology, so we created a set of ground rules to foster that goal. Our tenets, simply put, are: Do Good, Help Your Earlier Self, and Respect the Den. In short, we expect you to abide by Wheaton's Law.

Do Good

CubCon believes that information security makes the world a better place! Be kind and caring to each other. Listen carefully and learn about each other's point of view. Recognize difference that affect each other's ability to do good.

Help Your Earlier Self

Nobody is self-made. Everyone here reached their stature by standing on the shoulders of giants - people who shaped our lives in person, through books, or across the internet. Regardless of who you are or how much you know, there is always someone a step behind you. Become a giant by helping them.

Respect the Den

CubCon is one step removed from the craziness of DEFCON. Respect the space. Respect each other. Save your hacks for show-and-tell time, and for consenting participants!

Handling Exceptions

We have a strict ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for inapproptiate behavior of any kind, including but not limited to harassment, hate speech, bigotry, inappropriate symbols, aggression, and attempting to find loopholes in this rule.

We are committed to the well-being of everyone present. If at any point during the event you feel threatened or uncomfortable, please find one of our staff or speakers and we will work to ensure your safety.

TL;DR: Don't be a dick.